For Attorneys

For Attorneys

This section of the website is dedicated to you.  The old cliché remains true: “Knowledge is Power.”  Those attorneys unfamiliar with contemporary research remain at a distinct disadvantage compared to those attorneys more knowledgable on issues relating to Chiropractic healthcare and soft tissue injury.  Feel free to use this website or contact me directly 614-898-0787 is you have questions or need clarification on any issues concerning personal injury.

Fact versus Fiction


  • No relevant science exists which equates injury potential to vehicle damage.
  • No accident reconstructionist can predict an individual’s INJURY THRESHOLD.
  • The presence of an injury is best determined by the examining physician and is based on the CORRELATION between history, examination, x-ray and other diagnostic tests.
  • No MD, DC, DO or other medical professional was ever educated to consult an accident reconstructionist to determine the presence or absence of injury.
  • Strong research exists correlating RISK FACTORS and injury potential.
  • Strong research exists demonstrating that chronic pain is often the result of Low Speed Rear Impact Collisions (LOSRIC).
  • The “6-8 week natural healing time” is a myth that should forever be abandoned.
  • “No Crash-No Cash” is a concept that should be forever abandoned.


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