Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

Welcome to the Farabaugh Chiropractic Office website.  As a medical professional, patients often confront you with questions about Chiropractic health care, at times placing you in an awkward position.   This portion of the website was developed specifically for you.  My goal is to serve as a credible resource for quality information and research, so you feel comfortable providing a referral, when appropriate, to a chiropractic physician.  My brother is an emergency room physician in Atlanta.  His education, training, and experience greatly assisted me in understanding the issues you face a medical professional.  For example:

How do you identify a good chiropractor?  What do they treat?  When should I refer?  Do they treat forever?  What is my exposure in terms of liability?

Enjoy the site.  If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly:  614-898-0787.  Upon request a CD clearly explaining chiropractic healthcare and our office will be sent to your office.  This short PowerPoint presentation removes the mystery and answers the most common questions medical physicians and other professional have concerning chiropractic.


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Our office believes that no one doctor can satisfy the diverse needs of his/her patients. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach, especially as it relates to the complexities of chronic pain management.  Therefore, we maintain an extensive list and can refer when appropriate to medical physicians and auxiliary professionals including but not limited to:

Family practice physicians, orthopedic/neuro surgeons, neurologists, pain management and/or physiatry, dentists, podiatrists, optometrists, ophthalmologists, internists, nutritionists, pediatricians, psychologists, counselors, clergy, dermatologists, allergists, gastroenterologists, cardiologists, massage therapists, OB/GYNs, radiologists. We also maintain a list of diagnostic facilities in case you need an MRI, CT scan, bone scan, blood work, etc.

In addition, we maintain a statewide list of Chiropractic physicians if you are located in another part of the state or city.  If you need a referral, feel free to contact our office at 614-898-0787.

The attorneys tell me that I needed to add the following statement:  “Naturally, we assume no responsibility for the success or failure of treatment when you chose to consult a physician on this list.  Establishing a relationship with another physician/auxiliary personnel is strictly voluntary and done so at your own risk.”

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