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Acupuncture in Columbus, OH

Acupuncture is a type of therapy derived from ancient Chinese medicine that is offered at Farabaugh Chiropractic. Kyle Peterson, L.Ac., C.S.C.S  is our licensed acupuncturist. He provides this therapy by inserting a number of fine needles into a patient’s skin at certain points. Acupuncture can be used for a variety of different conditions, healing various health problems, providing holistic pain relief and for preventative purposes.

Acupuncture Therapy at Farabaugh Chiropractic

Acupuncture stimulates both sensory nerves under the skin and the body’s muscles. This stimulation allows the body to produce natural pain-relieving endorphins which are responsible for the beneficial effects of acupuncture. Some conditions these endorphins help with are back pain, neck pain, joint pain, stress, anxiety, addiction disorders, allergies, migraines, digestion problems nausea, menopausal symptoms, fertility issues and the desire to quit smoking.

Acupuncture at Our Columbus Chiropractic Center

At Farabaugh Chiropractic, our acupuncturist will insert sterilized acupuncture needles along the body’s different acupuncture points. The acupuncture points are dependent on the patient’s condition. Once in place, the needles may be left in ranging from a few minutes to close to a half hour.


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