Class IV Cold Laser Therapy

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Class IV Cold Laser in Columbus, OH

Class IV cold laser therapy is a non-invasive, painless, low level laser. At Farabaugh Chiropractic , Dr. Brett Stefan and his team of professionals use class IV cold laser therapy to manage pain, reduce inflammation and speed recovery. Laser therapy provides effective pain relief without the need for surgery or medication.

Class IV Cold Laser Therapy at Farabaugh Chiropractic

Dr. Stefan applies low level light directly to the problem areas. The body has a natural reaction to red and near infrared light, so the tissue absorbs this light. Patients will feel the device against their skin during the procedure, but it does not create heat, sound or vibration.

Benefits to Receiving Class IV Cold Laser Therapy

  • Stimulates nerve function and speeds recovery
  • Accelerates cellular healing and reproduction
  • Reduces swelling
  • Increases blood flow circulation
  • Faster wound healing
  • Reduces scar tissue formation
  • Decreases the risk for re-injury in the future
  • Quicker return to normal muscle and joint function
  • Reduces stiffness

LightForce™ is the Therapy Laser Used at Our Columbus Chiropractic Center

LightForce™ is the preferred laser brand used by professional athletic trainers. LightForce™ is the clear leader in providing the most advanced laser therapy products. Focusing on the therapeutic and pain management markets, LightForce™ offers innovative technology to all who are involved with musculoskeletal rehabilitation, pain reduction and post-activity recovery.


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