Exercise Therapy and Prescription

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Exercise Therapy and Prescription in Columbus, OH

At Farabaugh Chiropractic, Dr. Brett Stefan educates his patients about the importance of staying health and healing correctly with exercise therapy with the help of Katrina Mogavero, the exercise therapist on staff. Exercise therapy plans can be used effectively in helping injured workers return to the workforce, people suffering from arthritis, athletes returning to their sport and people recovering from surgery.

Exercise Therapy and Prescription at Our Columbus Chiropractic Center

A full exercise therapy program is an extremely important part of a patient’s recovery and helps to prevent further injury in the future. These exercises can include muscle stretching, muscle imbalance correction, joint mobility exercises, core stability strengthening and muscle strengthening exercises.

Therapeutic exercise refers to a range of physical activities that helps restore and build physical strength, flexibility, stability, endurance, and balance. The goal of exercise therapy is for each patient to return to functioning the way they did prior to their injury and to reduce their pain levels.


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