Dr. Ron,

Thank you so much for accepting me as a patient.  I consulted you because my back always felt tight, like there was something wrong.  As an active teenager I participated in sports…young and invincible.  I was in a couple of car accidents, but received no treatment.  Then I started working at a factory and started noticing increasing back pain. On 11/17/04 I was rear-ended at a traffic light and went to the hospital.  They diagnosed muscle strain and sent me home with pain pills and instructions to rest. The pain continued, and then my back went out, so I consulted my family doc who simply prescribed more pain pills and instructions to rest.  It was time for something else.

I was apprehensive, but I called Dr. Farabaugh, who was referred to me by a friend.  I was immediately impressed since he took the time to explain my problem. He was patient with my ignorance and answered every question.  After my first adjustment I felt like a brand new man.  He told me that I should go back to work and only take drugs if the pain was unbearable.  I never took the drugs again.  That was four weeks ago. I am able to cope much better with common daily activities.  My recovery has been outstanding.  I can tackle job that used to make my back ache with ease. No more drugs! No more stiffness when I get out of bed.  No more real worrying about my back.  I just make sure that I use the proper lifting techniques and maintain a good posture and I’m in heaven.

So thank you to Dr. Ron and his staff for all the work put into making me right.  I would recommend Chiropractic to anyone complaining about their back, especially Dr. Farabaugh. After all, he made me a believer.  Thank you. May God bless.


While living in Illinois, I consulted a chiropractor due to intense back and leg pain caused by lifting my elderly dog. I couldn’t walk or stand easily.  Hoping to avoid the “medicate or cut” approach that I feared a MD might suggest – I called a chiropractic office and was told that based on my symptoms were related to herniated L5 disk.  I was treated with spinal adjustments, therapy and ice and was prescribed exercises.  I was told to walk often, which I did faithfully.  I began feeling better quickly.  Within a month I was able to go on a vacation.  After a few months I could sit again, and everything was status quo.

Six months after my initial visit we moved from Illinois to Ohio.  A friend recommended a chiropractor, but his approach didn’t feel comfortable.  When I would experience stiffness or pain I would return to my exercises that did help. We recently got a new puppy.  After lifting this 16 pound dog, the pain began again, with pain in my back and down my leg was back.  I asked my personal trainer for a recommendation and he suggested Dr. Farabaugh.  I was able to get in immediately and after the initial session my back pain became minor and the pain in my legs was gone.  Dr. Farabaugh is treating my current situation and I’m having great success.  I’m a believer that with the right chiropractor it’s possible to quickly and painlessly reduce and eliminate back pain.

I would encourage you to not only consult a chiropractor, but be sure to follow through with his recommendations.


The main reason I came to Farabaugh Chiropractic is because I have MS. I met a patient named Deborah Benson on March 5, of 2005. She indicated that she had been treated by Dr. Farabaugh and by Sue Kelly, the Massage Therapist for a period of time. I was experiencing a lot of pain in my lower spine and rectal area. The pain is now non-existing and now my range of motion is much better. By coming to Farabaugh Chiropractic I feel much better physically as well as mentally.


Hi, my name is Jeff Carroll.  I am a sophomore at The Ohio State University, currently majoring in Zoology with a minor in History. I play baseball at Ohio State.  So I am involved with many activities that pertain to my back.  Over the summer of 2004 I started to have back problems while playing baseball in a summer league in New York. My back was always stiff and whenever I sat down I would get pain shooting down the front of my right leg.  I saw many different doctors and chiropractors through the months of August to October and I was not getting the results I wanted.

One of my teammates recommended a chiropractor in Akron.  I went there for a month on weekends and the treatment was working.  I asked them if they knew any Chiropractors in Columbus and they recommended Dr. Farabaugh. I came to Dr. Farabaugh. He did a thorough analysis of my back and continued treatment on my back. I have been seeing Dr. Farabaugh two times a week for a month now and my back feels great.

I now have no pain and eventually I will only be receiving treatment 1 time a month. With the treatment I have received from Dr. Farabaugh I have been able to recover to where I was before the injury and back playing baseball for the Buckeyes.


Decompression Therapy has changed my life so dramatically it is difficult to put into words the outcome it has produced.  After a failed back surgery five years ago I have been in unbearable pain.  Nearly bed ridden, I was ready to give up all hope of ever being part of my family again.  I have four children; the youngest of four are 17 and 14, both very active with no mom to be there for them.

No words can express my respect and heart felt thanks to Dr. Farabaugh.  Your thoroughness, thoughtful consideration in taking my case was enough to give me the will to try Decompression Therapy.

You and Dr. Mark’s help have literally put me back on my feet.  My flexibility, stamina, and desire to be part of society again have all gone from nil to happiness and renewed health.  Oh, happy day.

It was not an easy decision for you to take on my case.  How grateful I and my family are for my new lease on life.

Your gift of health to others who come to you for Decompression Therapy is fortunate indeed.  THANK YOU!!!


Patient Debrah Benson consulted our office in January 2005 for the main complaint of low back pain, unable to move legs and arms without difficulty, neck pain, and thoracic pain.  She was referred by her primary care physician to see if chiropractic could advance her condition/reduce her pain.  Previously she was treated by a primary care physician, a neurologist, an OB/GYN, a urologist, a physical therapist, and other chiropractors.  When she presented to the office she was using a cane and accompanied by her service dog, Jessica, a German Shepard.  Basically, Debrah was not only disabled, but found it very difficult to participate in common daily activities due to serious back pain.  Additionally, she suffered incontinence of both bowel and bladder, and suffered a searing pain in her left shoulder, which had been present for seven years.  Her stamina, balance, energy, and ability to engage as a normal female with her husband were are impacted by the pain. Initially Debrah was prescribed over $3000 per month of medication, yet remain disabled and unable to function with consistency or any type of quality life.

Debrah was thoroughly evaluated and place on a one-month trial basis due to the serious nature of her pain/condition.  Primarily we focused treatment to reduce the spinal dysfunction/subluxations in her spine.  After a relatively short time, Debrah began feeling remarkably better.  Her stamina, balance, and energy all improved. Her incontinence of both bowel and bladder surprising improved, and her ability to engage in normal sexual activity improved without pain.  She is no longer dependant upon her cane and service dog.  And the pain she suffered with non-stop for 7 years, completely disappeared, despite consulting numerous previous doctors for this condition.  Most importantly, Debrah reduced the intake of drugs drastically as the pain reduce and bodily functions returned to normal.  Her medical doctors want her to continue with the chiropractic care and are also astonished with recovery.

Essentially, chiropractic care, in combination with her medical team, alternative medicine and massage therapy, mild exercise-stationery bike, and overall positive attitude gave her back the ability to function at higher levels and enjoy life again.  Debrah has stated, “I would highly recommend chiropractic care to anyone suffering chronic pain and disability, or anyone who simply wants to regain maximum health potential.”

Before coming to Dr. Farabaugh’s Office, I had experienced pain in my upper back up into the left side of my neck and down my left arm with muscle spasms and some numbness in my left jaw area.  Extending my left arm to put on shoes/ socks and get dressed caused a lot of pain, as did driving.  I was taking extra strength aspirin daily for the almost constant aching.

Finally, after about a month and a half I went to my family doctor who prescribed an anti-inflammatory, a muscle relaxer, and instructed to take Tylenol for pain.  After this treatment, very little relief was realized.  I decided to try chiropractic help.

My first visit to Dr. Farabaugh’s proved to be a bit of a shock.  My neck was a mess!  Dr. Farabaugh described my condition and recommended a treatment plan.  Into my second week of treatment my pain was gone!

The treatment I have been receiving from Dr. Farabaugh and his staff has made a huge difference in the quality of my life and I couldn’t be more relieved and pleased!

The demeanor of Dr. Farabaugh and everyone else in his office is one of professional care, concern and helpfulness.  I wholeheartedly recommend the chiropractic care at Dr. Farabaugh’s Office.


My pain began years ago and it hurt all the time.  I just learned to live with it and survived on Motrin.  I felt it was related to my age, a concept I eventually learned was simply wrong.  Dr. Farabaugh explained to me the concept of a Vertebral Subluxation and how it interfered with my nervous system, potentially affecting my healthy, in addition to causing my pain.  My medical physician gave me exercises but truthfully I didn’t do that much.

I was referred to Dr. Farabaugh by two different patients of his who had reported good results with the same types of pain I was experiencing.  Within just two weeks I was feeling substantial relief for the first time in years.  Now my neck only hurts when I rotate it to the extremes.  And my low back only hurts when I sit for a long time.  I no longer wake up with major lower back pain, for which I am eternally grateful.  I’m still have to complete my treatment program, but for the first time in years have discovered that I do not have to live with major and daily pain.

I would encourage you to not only consult a chiropractor, but be sure to follow through with his recommendations.